box1 [bäks]
[ME & OE, a container, box < VL buxis < L buxus, boxwood < Gr pyxos]
1. any of various kinds of containers, usually rectangular and lidded, made of cardboard, wood, or other stiff material; case; carton
2. the contents or capacity of a box
3. Chiefly Brit. a gift, esp. a Christmas present, in a boxa gift, esp. a Christmas present, in a box
4. [< the toolbox under the seat] the driver's seat on a coach
5. a boxlike thing, opening, or compartment
6. a small, enclosed group of seats, as in a theater, stadium, etc.
7. a small booth or shelter for persons on outdoor duty [a sentry box]
8. a small country house used by sportsmen [a grouse box]
10. a space or section for a certain person or group [a press box, jury box]
a) a short newspaper article or advertisement enclosed in borders
b) any of the enclosed sets of lines and spaces on a printed form
12. [Informal, Chiefly Brit.] television or a television set: used with the
13. Slang the vulva or vagina: somewhat vulgar
14. Baseball any of certain designated areas outlined on the playing field for the batter, catcher, and first-base and third-base coaches
15. Mech. a protective casing for a part [a journal box]
1. to provide with a box
2. to put into a box, etc., as for storage or shipment
3. to boxhaul
1. shaped or made like a box
2. packaged in a box
box in
1. BOX UP (sense 1)
2. to block and thus prevent (another racer) from getting ahead
box out
Basketball to block (an opponent) so as to prevent that player from getting a rebound
box the compass
1. to name the thirty-two points of the compass in order: compasses were kept in boxes
2. to make a complete circuit, returning to the starting point
box up
1. to keep in; surround or confine
2. to encase with sheathing boards, or laths
in a box
Informal in difficulty or a dilemma
outside of the box or outside the box
Informal in a fresh, inventive, unconventional way
box2 [bäks]
[ME < ?]
a blow struck with the hand or fist, esp. on the ear or the side of the head
1. to strike with such a blow
2. to engage in a boxing match with
to fight with the fists; engage in boxing
box3 [bäks]
[ME & OE < L buxus < Gr pyxos]
1. any of a genus (Buxus) of evergreen shrubs or small trees of the box family with small, leathery leaves: some species are used as hedge plants or shaped as garden ornaments
2. BOXWOOD (sense 1)
designating a family (Buxaceae, order Euphorbiales) of dicotyledonous evergreen shrubs and trees, including pachysandra

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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